New Seedlings

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If you are stumbling  upon this site today ,  I can only say it’s not totally up and running to where I envision but in the spirit of moving forward anyway, I wanted to share the excitement of the day!

I know, hard to imagine writing about seedlings in the Fall, but here in California, right now is the time to plant from seed. I recently learned this interesting fact listening to KPFA’s Healing Herb show (sorry, don’t quote me on the title) – here in California, planting right now from seed is ideal. The seeds have the fall and winter to set down their roots, freeing vegetables and herbs to spring forth. I thought that was a pretty cool fact.

And a reason to forgive the fog that invaded San Francisco all summer – the coldest winter…you know it. So, its nice to feel this wonderful warm 75 degree heat, to see crisp blue skies, and Twin Peaks out my window – the view that keeps me alive. The view that tells me – no matter what- its going to be ok. These Peaks been here a long, long time. I won’t, but hey, that’s part of the human deal.

I appreciate the possibility of Spring at this early Fall juncture, renewal, cycle of life, it helps put everything in perspective.

A friend today shared with me how difficult it is for her to watch her mom suffering in pain. She has put off having to accept that her mom might have to turn to morphine because nothing else is working.

I tell her what I do when the pain reaches near level 10 – those moments when a grown woman is brought to tears, and cries out – I try to distract myself – music, comedy, memories, images of places I love, people I love, the beautiful moments I’ve had in life.

Today, that distraction is planting, growing herbs for my healing baths (more on that later), to grow the good food I need but its hard to get access, especially in poorer, more challenged neighborhoods. I like the idea of bringing clean, safe, natural options to the process of planting.

I wonder if pesticides have been the answer for the last fifty years coincidentally as the number of farmers in our country plummeted. You know, planting can be a pretty daunting task in some ways, suddenly, the potato famine that one learned about in high school is brought front and center, and fear sets in. All at once, it becomes clear just what a task planting, growing, harvesting crops truly is!

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have absolutely been the greatest comedy distraction for me since being diagnosed with CPRS. This week, Stephen Colbert takes a try at working as a farm worker, accepting UFW President Arturo Rodriquez’ challenge to “Take our Jobs” so more people can see exactly what it is that the people who plant, grow and harvest our food for pennies on the dollar do to bring us the food that ends up on our tables every day.

Bueno, enough of my soap box for today, because I said I was going to be sharing hope and new seeds of life. Check out these cool tips for naturally protecting against little garden critters and other pests, and then, look for the organic seeds for all kinds of Spring delight!


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