Physical Therapy 1

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No photos today. Getting ready for my first physical therapy in two years.

Starting the bath, soaking helps with the pain, and calms me. I want to aid myself as much as possible by being in a good space. To bring the strength and resolve I feel when I am not dealing with doctors, without bringing it. I am scared because my general physican said last that the hospital was pretty much off-limits to me. So, what can the PT do?

I want so badly to get better. I can feel myself walking again, and I want to make this a reality.

Apparently, this condition is meant to teach me patience. All the healers, doctors and not, who I visit to find healing, they all say, ‘its going to take a while.’

I do not expect an immediate solution today. All I pray for is real care, real concern, and real knowledge. I know that the doctors may not have answers, but, then tell me. I can be a partner in the discovery because no one wants healing more than myself.

I do share a bit of hope today. I found this week a doctor who is very knowledgeable about CPRS, and, in fact, she specializes in the condition and is up to date on the research. And, she accepts Medicare so in April, when I have it, I can consider going to get her evaluation. Several patients share their dramatic decrease in symptoms. I heard the word reversal, – poor doctor! I cried, could barely keep back the tears. To not have this condition any longer…wow….

Also, there is growing evidence that CPRS may be an issue of inflammation. I have gotten fresh organic ginger to make tea. Knowing that could be the cause, there are many ways to address inflammation with food, with teas. I need a nugget I can hold on to, to work with.

The PT is someone who can tell me more information, and share how to exercise to live the best possible life if I have this CPRS, if I can’t get healed…ifs…

I know I want the wow, but only time will tell…patience my dear girl, patience.


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