Forward Moving, even more

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With the good news, and forward movement, I am feeling freer to approach two other specialists I was recently referred.

One, an accupuncturist, who works with other RSD patients, and, a homeopathic consultant with years of experience.

I will be exploring all the options available. I will be sharing the experience here for others who are struggling with pain like RSD or other pain conditions.

Only just a year ago, my day was mostly spent dealing with the overwhelming burning, horrible headaches and nausea. The daily warm soaks, using skin cremes to beat back headaches and aches, and, using honey to push back the nausea, as alternatives, have all had positive impact on my pain levels and general comfort.

I can’t say enough about daily meditation, and, EFT for bringing down stress and fears.

I think Emotional Freedom Therapy can be one of the most important tools in the healing box because it works directly through accupressure points on fear and trauma, which can arise just from the pain levels, but also, accompany the ‘disbelief’ aspect of this condition.

In my case, limiting my activity enough over a long enough period allowed for a space to develop a new level of ‘normal’ when the pain is limited and I can be easily distracted by turning towards my endeavors.

I thought to try this approach after reading about mirror therapy research, noticing how with RSD, the patient’s brain creates these pain pathways that never get shut off with the condition, so these pain pathways get grooved into the brain from so much pain.

It was such a struggle until, with SSDI and In Home Support, I was able to stop pushing my body long enough to rest.

I also stopped fighting the need to rest. Instead, I focused on what I could do. As I always say, I give great thanks to my computer, the lifeline to the community.

I was able to, little by little, build up the positive, low-pain moments and, unless the weather was particularly bad, these moments started adding up. Was I was creating positive pathways? It sure felt like it.

Unfortunately — not yet anyway — has this theory and experiment of mine changed the end result whenever I head back out into the world with the same confidence I feel sitting day after day.

When I go out walking to do errands, it’s not more than a short period of time I am brought back to the same place, same symptoms. It becomes a cycle in itself.

I still believe that these positive pathways are going to continue to grow. With the help of the pain specialists, I am going to extend the positive pathways into walking without pain, using my arm without pain.

As I have strengthened emotionally and spiritually, my desire to increase my activity has grown.

Although the recent swimming experiment and driving brought the burning back, and actually extended it, I want to find a way to move beyond the pain.

I know just ‘doing it anyway’ brings on more symptoms, so I am excited that physical therapy, in a consistent way, can possibly help me move beyond what I have been able to do till now.

I don’t know what will happen in the appointment with the pain specialists, what testing we will do.

I pointed out to the neurologist this one point on my hip, a nerve or a muscle, when I touch it, the pain is excruciating and goes all the way down to my foot, and goes numb whenever I stand for any extended period.

Each day my symptoms are different depending on the weather, making planning difficult.

Going down to the neurologist, I was in the warm weather and out of the fog. It was a delight to my body and skin.

The specialist I spoke to this past weekend mentioned that the cold, damp climate probably is not the greatest for me. The joy of the sun on my skin, and the sight of the beautiful California coast prompted me to consider once again moving to a warmer climate.

Anyway, in the meantime, until the next appointment, I continue to do all I can on my end to improve my health.

Moving forward.


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