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Ok, yesterday, and last week, I was feeling pretty powerless. A friend called yesterday afternoon, my cheery disposition a surprise. She tried last week to help by referring me to two people who might be able to help me find access to a neurologist. My dear friend heard the panic and fear last week as I realized the specialist’ advice to get to a neurologist was not something I could compel the hospital to do, and frankly, how ridiculous to not have access to a neurologist and pain specialist anyway?

I was cheery because I put that stress in a space of time, allowed it out yesterday – and, then, I put it away.

I was able to sit up most of the day working with my leg in the right spot for the pain to not become overwhelming. Walking around the house, the pain was shooting in my foot. I stayed put. Luckily, now, I have in-home support so laundry was done and brought back up the 3 flights of stairs, and, she did a little grocery shopping so we had food to eat.

Nausea came, I ate honey. I drank Ginger tea. The tea is really starting to have an impact. It’s interesting that it takes time, it’s a gentle building up. Yesterday in the evening, I felt some tingling in the right side of my right leg, and it was noticeable. You can imagine I have started my morning today with Ginger.

I am also on a Live Chat with Dr. Christo from John Hopkins, who is answering questions about CPRS from readers. This chat feels like a blessing, to connect with a real live specialist. I have submitted several questions so I hope I can get a few answers today for things I did not know already, and maybe some of the answers can turn around this situation.

Anyway, I want to open up to hope and possibility by learning, finding out as much as I can about CPRS – If you want to catch the last half of the Chat you can visit at,0,5042930.htmlstory

I hope this brings you a little comfort today!